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电影配乐大师莫里康内作品赏析会 The Impression of Morricone

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吴以飞、王颖竹、许凯旋同学都选择了《海上钢琴师》中“Playing Love” 这首曲子,这是男主1900初次见到让她心动的女孩时弹奏的曲子,1900望着这个女孩,钢琴的旋律变得温柔深情,舷窗内外的两个无言的人组成了一幅美妙的画。孟可心同学则认为比起经典的Playing Love,影片中the Crisis更能打动人心。同样是这个电影,李媛同学分享了斗琴时的节奏欢快的爵士曲the Crave。她还为大家放映了电影中钢琴漂移的经典片段,在险象环生的大海中,能如此苦中作乐,让大家惊喜万分。

陈玉婷分享了《嘉莉珐夫人》中的la Califfa,这首曲子凄美忧伤,因为电影中嘉莉珐爱上了不该爱的人,演唱者莎拉·布莱曼是古典跨界音乐的代表人物,老师为我们补充了她与韦伯合作的音乐剧《猫》和《歌剧魅影》等作品。






On July 6, 2020, a generation of movie soundtrack master Ennio Morricone died. He used to have cooperation with the well-known Leone and Quentin director and he compose for "Cinema Paradiso", "The Legend og 1900"," once upon a time in America "and more than 400 films. To commemorate Ennio Morricone, our class held a theme meeting.

Wu Yifei, Wang Yingzhu and Xu Kaixuan all chosed playing Love in the movie “The Legend of 1900”, which was played by 1900 when he first saw the girl . When 1900 looked at the girl, the piano melody became tender and affectionate. Two silent people inside and outside the porthole formed a wonderful painting. Meng Kxin thought that compared with the classic playing Love, the crisis in the film was more touching. Also in this film, Li Yuan shared the joyful rhythm of the jazz song during competing the piano. She also showed a classic clip from the film "Piano Drift", which surprised everyone by how happy they were in the midst of such a dangerous sea.

Chen Yuting shared La Califfa in “La califfa”. It’s a poignant piece because the film depicts Carrie Va falling in love with the wrong person. The singer Sarah Brightman is a classic crossover figure, and the teacher has supplemented her works with Weber on musicals like Cats and the Phantom of the Opera.

Wu Shangning shared the episode of “C’era una volta il West”. Ma Yuxin Shared the episode of "Once Upon a Time in The United States", and let us review the astonishing dance segment.

The music of Morricone also has the flavor of a chivalrous man who is  western cowboys. Zhu Yanqi recommended the episode Titoli of "Per un pugno di dollari", in which the whistle and the plot are perfectly integrated and inspiring.

Wang Shuxuan and Chen Xinting Shared the theme song Malena in “Malena”. The film accompaniment seems to be a true portrayal of Marlena's life, as well as her beauty: from the sad helplessness at the beginning to the enlightenment at the end.

 Everyone has a familiar and memorable melody from Morricone, this is the master's achievement. Through this reading meeting, students can pay more attention to film music and look forward to the next music exchange.

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