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        At 15:00 p.m. on July 21, 2020, the first class of prevention class 2018 held the fourth session of "students! Listen to me" personal speech exhibition activity. This activity is led by Tang Tian and Zhong Yang, and participated by class teacher Chen Chen and the whole class.

Tang Tian told the story of human exploration and yearning for the universe with a poem "the man who pursues the stars". With several pictures as the clue, she unfolds the wonderful story that happened before the human and the starry sky. She shared her thoughts on the relationship between the universe and human beings with classmates, showing the smallness of human beings and the infinity and vastness of the universe.

         Zhong Yang shared her views on suspense and horror movies from a unique perspective. First of all, she introduced several well-made suspense films with profound ideas to the students. She thinks that suspense films also have the analysis of human nature and the perception of life. In the face of suspense movies and horror films, what people are afraid of is not the sound or the picture, but the unknown sense of things.

         This activity benefited the students a lot. It not only trained the speaker's ability of language expression, but also helped the students learn more knowledge in the field and broaden their knowledge.

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